Why We Need an Integrative Approach to Brain Health

Why We Need an Integrative Approach to Brain Health

Many unanswered questions

During my graduate degree in Neuroscience in the 1990’s, the more I learned, the more I realized how young the field was.   While the lectures were comprehensive, when I’d start to try to take what I learned into real world scenarios of how these mechanisms affected the individual, there were more unanswered questions than answers.    No wonder the solutions to so many mental health, psychiatric and neurological conditions felt so inadequate!

So as a patient, when doctors would tell me that I would have to learn to just accept my condition, or alternatively that “it was all in my head”, I knew both answers meant that the doctor didn’t know how to help me.

And because they didn’t have solutions, and I wasn’t crazy about taking the drugs they were peddling, I started looking to see what Alternative Medicine had to offer.

My Search for Integrative, Holistic Brain Health

I tried acupuncture, chiropractic care, cranial sacral therapy, Body Talk, Neurofeedback, brainwave entrainment, yoga, meditation, herbs or supplements.  I adjusted my nutrition to optimize my mental and cognitive health, and maintained a well balanced exercise regimen.

But other than addressing diet and exercise, none of these methods, addressed root causes.   I believed root causes had to be addressed from more than just the traditional Western medicine point of view.   Whatever I was searching for, it had to be embracive of the wisdom imparted by healers from a variety of schools of thought.

The Discovery of the Bode Code

And then after over a decade of searching, a friend introduced me first to the Emotion Code and then the Body Code.  Because the Body Code is so integrative, and addresses so many root causes from a large variety of perspectives, I instantly saw its potential to be a powerful healing system.  But not having experienced it, I could not have imagined how powerful it would end up being.

Now 7.5 yrs later, using mostly the Body Code, I’ve helped clients relieve long term chronic pain, help people restore functionality and avoid surgery.  Using the Body Code, I’ve release depression, relieve suicidal thoughts,  PTSD and even chronic PTSD,  and reversed anxiety.   I’ve helped clients heal from abusive relationships and feel empowered, or go from being single to madly in love.   Plus I’ve reversed Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, learning disabilities, autoimmune disorders and more.    Besides the Body Code, I’ve added a few other tools along the way, that allow me to expand my healing powers.

So why is using an integrative system that addresses root causes so powerful?

The Power of an Integrative Approach


The East Meets the West

East Meets Western MedicineDifferent perspectives give you a better sense of the underlying causes.  For example, my cat had a tendency to cry around 6-7am every morning.  She’s usually a pretty easy-going cat, but at that time in the morning, she would regularly get needy, and I was still trying to sleep!  I finally figured out that her amygdala (the fight or flight region of her brain) was getting flooded with too many glucocorticoids (the stress hormone).  But why only at that time of the morning?   Well, I knew that our meridians have a cycle.  An imbalance in the meridian that was supposed to be predominant at that time point was getting in the way of proper regulation of glucocorticoids!   Because that meridian is producing too much yang energy, I’ve made an appointment with her veterinary acupuncturist.   (Interestingly, a psychic colleague who met my cat last week, voluntarily told me that my cat needed acupuncture.  I had not told her anything about my mornings with her, or that I had come to the same conclusion independently!)

Other times I’ll get that a brain region isn’t functioning as it should.  It could be due to blood supply, or localized blood pressure, inflammation, a receptor not functioning, and many other reasons.  But once in awhile, it’s a lack of “chi”, or vital force energy.   The energy systems, the functioning of chakras, meridians, the 6 pernicious influences, yin and yang energy, can all impact the functioning of the nervous system or any other system in the body!

Neuroscience vs. the Spirits

ghost on brainBefore I began doing this work, my view towards ghosts and entities was agnostic.   As a scientist, I was NOT comfortable with the idea of believing in them, and I was afraid that any belief in their existence could completely undermine my credibility.

Then I got a client with a dementia who had significant delusions and hallucinations.  I realized she had 3 lesions in her white matter.  While I released barriers for the 2 smaller lesions to heal, I got stuck with the largest one when I discovered that there was a ghost interfering!  A ghost?  “You have got to be kidding me”, I thought.  Luckily her family believed in ghosts more than I.  So when I told her they needed to find someone to extract the ghost, they did!  This was vital to her healing.   Since then, I have found other ghosts that have gotten in the way of life long patterns!

Lessons in Humility

Luckily to practice the Body Code, I didn’t have to believe that ghosts, entities or curses could influence us.   In order to get accurate answers, I have to be objective, and open to the truth, regardless of my preconceived biases.   So in the beginning, whenever I rolled my eyes at an underlying imbalance that took me out of my comfort zone, the Universe conspired to show me that I was wrong!

When I started using the Body Code, I was practicing with my sister when I discovered an entity.  I was so embarrassed!  I  told her that I don’t necessarily believe in them, but I have to be objective, and that this is what I found.  Then I released it.  “Whoa”, she said… did you feel that?   “What did you feel?”, I asked.   She said that she had felt this wave of energy pulsate in her head, and then disappear!   That was one of the most profound immediate reactions I’ve had to the release of any imbalance in my practice, and I’m quite certain that there were forces beyond, that were set on proving on setting me straight!     As I value truth above anything else, I am grateful to get such a clear demonstration of the power of entities, even if the concept makes me uneasy.   Over years of my own experiences, and hearing stories from others, I now appreciate how powerful the spiritual elements are in our healing journey, and understand that for effective healing, they must be taken seriously.

Functional Medicine Perspectives Addressed by Energy Medicine

Energy MedicineSimilarly, an integrative approach gives me new solutions to address problems.  For example if a client can’t absorb nutrients, I release imbalances that are getting in the way of the problem being fixed.

More solutions to address problems mean that it becomes easier for the client to heal.   With autoimmune diseases and chronic health challenges, functional medicine practitioners require extensive dietary and lifestyle changes and supplements in order to help the disease go into remission.   While diet and lifestyle are considered, we can also help the body become more resilient, so that it isn’t so vulnerable to relapse.   With a more resilient body, a client doesn’t have to make as many change, thus it becomes easier to restore their health.

Do you have a health issue that hasn’t been resolved?  Why not try an integrative approach?

I believe for the vast majority of the health issues we face, we can heal from with the right methods.   If you’d like to know if my integrative, holistic approach could work for you, then contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.




  1. Cecil Jepson
    Nov 28, 2019

    My daughter, living in MN. Has been living with a ghost in her house for many years. It is a 13 yr. old boy and he can draw pictures with crayons, change the channel on the radio and find the song he likes, turn the volume up or down to answer yes or no questions, turn lights on and off, etc,, and now has become hi-tech and can communicate with them through their cell phones. Lucky he a friendly ghost.

    • Tina
      Dec 5, 2019

      Thats fascinating Cecil! I hope your daughter and the ghost share musical tastes! : )

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