A Cause of Sundowners and Psychosis

A Cause of Sundowners and Psychosis

Generating a theory of psychotic episodes and epilepsy

After watching a couple of episodes of medical mystery shows on TV, I developed a theory that episodic seizures or dissociative behavior might have to do with parts of the brain going into a hyperflammatory state.  In the show Diagnosis, little Sadie developed frequent seizures after an infection.  And in another show, several sweet children turned into periodic monsters after another infection.

This theory made sense to me because there is evidence that inflammation is being implicated in an increasing number of psychiatric conditions.   Also while low level inflammation helps cells repair, once inflammation gets too high, it can get very destructive for the surrounding tissue.

I wondered if I would get a chance to test my theory with my clients.

Testing my theory with sundowners

Less than a week later my client with Lewy body Disease (a form of dementia featuring a lot of psychosis and anxiety) came in crying about “her daughter and cat being taken away from her”.   It was a story she insisted that was true, despite the evidence to the contrary.

My client has always come dressed well and is well composed, even if most of the stories she tells us aren’t true.

Her anxiety and panic episodes are almost always a part of sundowners (they happen in the evening), so I don’t usually see them.

That day was very different. She and her patient, supportive husband came late. She was sobbing uncontrollably.  Apparently, she had been disoriented all day, and called the police on the strange man (her husband) in the bed next to her.

My first thought was to look at inflammation.

Her inflammation was out of control. Her brain and large intestine were highly inflammed. I can channel frequencies, and used this method to decrease the inflammation in those areas.. Then specific areas of her brain like her amygdala needed more calming. By then the crying had stopped. She was still sniffling, but things, I thought were considerably better.

The cause of all this inflammation was a virus she had caught in the last 24 hrs.

I was working to boost her immune system to fight off the pathogen when she declared, “none of this is working. I want to go home!”.

Her sundowners is subsiding

This isn't workingThat puzzled me. Her expression was clearly different, so things were shifting. But clearly she was still out of touch with reality. I realized her executive cortex (the adult part of her brain) was also highly inflamed, so I dampened it’s inflammation.  I was starting to feel like a fireman, putting out inflammation wherever I found it!

Then she started expressing what I call her worry story, a hallmark of sundowners episodes.   My belief is that her emotional circuits are causing a lot of anxiety and worry, and that she is unconsciously creating a reality to justify her emotions.   I realized her GABA, the neurotransmitter that calms catecholamines (that cause anxiety) was low, and I increased that.

Then her story shifted to a much calmer one. She said she wasn’t sure if it was a dream or real.. but it happened the night before. She was telling me about talking to a nice man who was reassuring, that knew her well, and made her feel calm. I said to her, “I think you were talking to him”, and pointed to her husband.

She was in a content state and lucid when she left, and let me give her a hug before she left.

It’s all about frequencies

I did this all by channeling frequencies!  And just like other forms of energy medicine, patients don’t even feel the stimulations!   They do however feel the effect of the stimulations!

feeling better now

When I think of the barbaric ways (in the movies) used to calm psych ward patients down, I would like to imagine that they would consider hiring me to do it.

But my fear is that they would just decide to commit me to a psych ward, for claiming I can do this.

I get the skepticism.  I’ve been feeling incredulous ever since I discovered I could channel frequencies by the things I’ve been able to do.  I couldn’t believe it myself when I was told I could do this!   I did it many times on myself, and my cat before introducing it to clients, and I have several other amazing stories I haven’t shared yet.

That being said, there are many other techniques used by a variety of practices, ranging from alternative to Western medicine, that also use frequencies to stimulate tissues.

While I can’t speak for all practitioners and the tools they use, I do know that my channeling is very safe.   It only works if I’ve properly targeted the tissue that needs to be addressed, and if I use the frequency that addresses the specific problem.  If I haven’t identified the correct underlying cause, then nothing happens.  And because it is channeled through my guide, he stops when the goal has been met.   Thus ensuring that the tissues are not over-stimulated.

Why frequencies matter

So how does stimulating areas of the brain or body with frequencies help the body heal?

Whether we are absorbing nutrients, breaking down toxins, or launching an attack against an invader, our body needs to go through a series of enzymatic reactions.

There is research showing frequencies can catalyze (speed up or slow down) enzymatic reactions.   In other words, if the tissues are vibrating at their optimal frequencies, the molecules know where to go and what to do.

Synchronization matters

Dancers must be synchronized to impact the audience

I like to think of it like a dance performance.  Each dancer knows what he or she needs to do to perform a dance.  But unless there is the right piece of music that makes the dance a cohesive piece of choreography, the dancers wouldn’t interact appropriately.  Everyone’s timing would be different, and the shapes created by dancing cohesively or in synch, would be lost.  Instead of looking like an incredible piece of art with a unified, cohesive story, it would be a disjointed mess.  The intentions of the choreographer would be missed entirely.

Our body is dependent on specific frequencies to coordinate its functioning.  Without the correct music (or frequencies that the body needs), our body can’t time things properly to achieve its goals.   By eliminating harmful frequencies and introducing healing frequencies, we can give our body the music it needs, to coordinate reactions to work properly.

Do you know anyone who is struggling with psychosis, mental health issues, autoimmune diseases, dementia or inflammation?   Stimulation of  frequencies can induce immediate changes in the brain, but the changes aren’t permanent unless we address root causes.   If you’d like to learn how I identify and release root causes, contact me here to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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