Why It is So Important to Take the Time to Just Be

Why It is So Important to Take the Time to Just Be

My friend practices Vipassana meditation and is off to a meditation retreat this weekend.  He invited me to go, but I still have a lot of unpacking to do, and I don’t feel like I can get away for a whole weekend.

This conflict remind me of the conflict between being vs. doing.

I used to be hyper focused on doing.  My list of things to do has always been longer than I have had time to complete.   But because I didn’t take the time to renew, I wasn’t enjoying life, and I wasn’t very productive while working.

Then a friend introduced me to yoga.  This was the beginning of my journey of reflection, slowing down and practicing self-love.

I slowly started to realize this was something I needed.   With yoga, I learned breathing exercises, and then meditation.

While I took yoga classes for years, I still spent years working too hard, and not taking the time to enjoy life.

When I moved to Seattle, I started to go hiking, where I started to appreciate the beauty of what Washington had to offer.   I would get excited and awe struck by incredible landscapes, alpine lakes, wild flowers streams and waterfalls.     I started to slow down and enjoy bonding with my cat, then with people, and even began to simply enjoy the embrace of a loved one.

I went from constantly doing to finding ways to enjoy life and what it had to offer.  I learned to stop and appreciate the here and now.

I am sharing this with you, because so many of us are struggling with the endless cycle of constantly doing.   I see too many clients who don’t take the time for themselves, and they end up sick, stressed and depressed.  The stress of constantly doing contributes from 70-95% of our illnesses.  It increases our risk of chronic illnesses problems with our mental health, and disrupts our ability to heal.  It even shrinks our hippocampus, the part of our brain responsible for short-term memory.  With excess stress, we start to forget things, we have a harder time focusing, and we get more frustrated and irritable.   Our bodies weren’t made to handle that much stress.

meditation as a form of being vs. doing in natureAs Dr. Habib Sadeghi, says, as humans we have an innate need for balance.  We have the masculine energy of goal-setter, provider, and the feminine energy of healer, nurturer and peacemaker.   The masculine energy is about accomplishments ( or doing) , whereas the feminine energy is about being.

If we have an imbalance, we get agitated.  There’s an aspect of ourselves that has been starved.   We need a balance between doing and being.

When we are doing, our brains operate at a faster brainwave state called beta.  When we are being in the moment, being mindful or appreciative of the here and now, our brains express more alpha waves.  Alpha waves are correlated with serenity, happiness, relaxation and are where “everything seems to flow”. They increase Serotonin and are associated with mental health.  Staying in beta state for too long, or staying excessively focused on getting things done, can increase our risk of stress, depression and anxiety.

What I’ve discovered in my journey from constantly doing to taking the time to renew, is that:

It's Easier to Do When we Take the Time To BeIt is easier to do, when we take the time to be.

Our bodies and brains need to relax and renew.  They work best when they have balance.  By taking the time I need to just be, I am more productive when I am working because I’ve given my brain the time it needs to renew.  I am a better problem solver, I can focus, and I’m better at prioritizing what is important.  Taking the time to slow my brain down, to smell the flowers and enjoy life, allows me to thrive, and not just survive.

Even though I won’t be going to a meditation retreat this weekend, I will be going to yoga, practicing meditation and will be kayaking with a friend.  In other words, I have plans to slow my brain down to enjoy the weekend.

Are you struggling with finding balance in your life?   Are you finding it hard to let go of your habits of constant busyness?   I’ve helped many clients release subconscious barriers to having the balance they need.  It is hard to enjoy life when you are constantly working!  Are you ready to be more productive and have more fun?  You can learn more about the Body Code here and contact me here to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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