The Unbelievable Effects of Developing Resilience

The Unbelievable Effects of Developing Resilience

So far, 2018 has dealt me with one punch in the gut after another. It began with the end of my relationship with my boyfriend who I was crazy about.  It has been full of problems with housemates, stress from a law from the EU that could destroy my business, friendships falling apart, stress from more work that I could handle, loneliness, and despair about having to move out of my beloved home.

I was feeling beaten up, run down, hopeless and quite depressed.  I was feeling like a victim to life.  In the midst of all this happening, I developed a giant and painful cyst on my back that needed regular attending to, but was extremely hard to reach.   The recommendations from my naturopath were helping, but the progress was far too slow, and I was having to consider surgical removal.

In trying to address the cyst, I discovered the metaphysical underpinnings.  The questions I got were, “What will it take to stop feeling sorry for myself?  And “What will it take to accept my life as a learning experience and look forward with hope?”

“Wow! “ I thought.. “how timely!”

In pondering these questions, I realized that I need to do a better job of bouncing back!  I needed to release barriers to building resilience.

So I used the Body Code to identify and releasing underlying causes that were getting in the way of resilience.   And wow did my life turn around!  Check out what happened in my video!

And what happened to my cyst?   In just 1 week, after clearing the metaphysical underpinnings, getting a new tincture and salve from my naturopath, and continuing to take hot baths with Epson salt, it decreased by 75% in just under a week!

With the recent suicides in the news, Americans are once again trying to grasp the loss of so many that we love.   According to the CD, 25 states have experienced more than a 30% rise in suicide rates since 1999.

Building resilience is one of the most important ways we can prevent suicide.   That being said, our resilience is based not only our life long accumulative experiences, but also the experiences of our ancestors, and how they handled life’s blows.   So what is the fastest way to develop resilience?   Watch the video above to learn about my drastic turn-around story, and the impact it had on me.   And if you know anyone that struggles resilience, please use the social media buttons below to share this article.  You could save a life!

Are you ready to work on building resilience?  Learn more about the Body Code here, about my sessions here and contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.




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