The Power of Our Friend’s Subconscious Influence

The Power of Our Friend’s Subconscious Influence

We have all probably noticed the subtle influence we get from our friends. Maybe they want a beer after a hike, desert after a meal, or maybe they just got a cool new phone.   At some point, you are likely to want what they have.   These social influences are much more powerful than we realize, and as a healer, I regularly see the profound impact of our environment. The messages we receive implicitly or explicitly shape who we are and how we think, and one of the most powerful ways to improve as a person is to be picky about who you spend time with.

What evidence is there to suggest that who we surround ourselves with matters?

  1. The power of networks

the power of networksResearchers used data from the Framingham Heart Study to analyze the effect of social networks on obesity. They found that if a study participant had a friend that became obese, that their chances of becoming obese increased by 57%!   Over 32 years, they found clusters of obesity develop based on relationships. Similarly they found clusters of people of healthy weight.

What drives this influence by networks?   While friends share some meals, they are unlikely to share very many. Based on other evidence that I share below, I believe that a large part is due to the unconscious permission our friend inadvertently gives us to engage in less healthy behaviors. For example, parents often find that their children will mimic their behavior, regardless of whether they want them to or not.  What they do matters more than what they preach.   This effect is likely to occur amongst friends as well.

2.) Unconscious permission

Dan Ariely is author of the book The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty.   He ran an experiment where he gave people a test where they had to solve 20 simple math problems in 5 minutes.   While the exercise was not hard, the time restriction was unreasonable. At the end of the experiment, they had to report the number of answers they got correct, and put their test in the shredder.  They got paid a dollar for every answer they reported to get correct.   The shredder however only shredded the sides of the paper, so researchers could find out how many people really cheated.

The average level of cheating when they were given the opportunity to cheat, went up by 50% in this paradigm!

Then they added an actor in the room who after 30 seconds stood up and claimed that he had answered all the questions correctly.  He was visibly compensated for all 20 question without hesitation.   Researchers looked at the response of subjects who felt like they could identify with the actor vs. those who could not.   For those who could identify with the actor, there was a 24% increase in claims of answering all 20 questions correctly.  For subjects that could not identify with the actor, there was no further increase in cheating.

3.) Deviancy training

boys influencing each otherResearchers analyzed of conversations of young boys to look at the relationship between discussions of deviant behavior and responses of their peers, and to determine its influence in behavior. They found that the more discussions of deviant behavior, paired with positive responses, the more likely others were to engage in such behavior years later. The influence was much stronger for those who already engaged in antisocial behavior.

4.) Post-hypnotic suggestions

As a Body Code Practitioner, I use the wisdom of the subconscious to identify and release underlying causes of what people struggle with. I regularly help people change their behavior, release negative thought patterns, transform their relationships and address long standing unresolved problems with their health. One of the most significant discoveries I have made is that post-hypnotic suggestions play a significant and powerful role in every facet of our lives!  

What are post-hypnotic suggestions?   They are the messages we get deliberately or inadvertently from our media, from our friends, and our environment.   We are often not aware of the most powerful messages we get, as they come from how we see people like us act, and how society responds to their actions.   They have a tremendous influence in our health, wealth, happiness and relationships.  Releasing negative post-hypnotic suggestions is a large part of what I do to help people achieve the changes they want!

Are you realizing that your environment has shaped who you are? Be mindful of the people you spend time with, and of the media you consume. Our thoughts are regularly being influenced by inadvertent subconscious programming. Try to spend time with, and follow people who inspire you, because their positive example will inspire you to be your best.

Do you want to release any lingering negative conditioning?   You can learn more about what I do with the Body Code here, and contact me if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation.





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