What to Say to the Skeptics of Energy Medicine

What to Say to the Skeptics of Energy Medicine

When I first realized the power of energy medicine, I was working in a psychology department, and I tried to persuade a professor that Emotional Freedom Technique worked. So, he let me work with him on his neck pain, and it went from a pain level of 4/10 to 0/10 in minutes.   But was he convinced? I don’t think so. What I do know was that it made him very uneasy, and he began to distance himself from me.

I’ve had a couple of other experiences where I’ve either helped experts in mental health or Western medicine heal from injuries, and even though we’d been close for months, they stopped returning my calls.


Research shows that being an expert can cause you to be closed to alternatives. People that are skeptics of Energy Medicine, tend to be the most educated in their fields.

So should you try to convince an expert that Energy Medicine works?   I would tread carefully, especially if you value the relationships.   However, I do think it is important to let them know that being an expert can cause them to be closed to alternatives (show them this report), and that the more one is willing to open their mind to alternatives, the more possibilities become available. You can tell them when they are ready, you will send them more information.

For people who are more curious about the evidence, here are some points you can make:


1.)   Western medicine has made a concerted effort to debunk alternative medicine for decades.   As a neuroscientist and neuroepidemiologist with 15 years of research at esteemed institutions, this is my opinion based on my experience as well as other holistic practitioners that I’ve talked to. When my research confirmed evidence that had already been found, getting a paper published was swift, and without significant hurdles. But the more it challenged the conventional view of Western Medicine, the more resistance I got (from both colleagues and journal editors) to publishing my findings.

A review article I wrote was attacked by a skeptic’s blog (funded by the pharmaceutical industry). When I issued a rebuttal, the only points that he allowed on his site were ones that he chose to argue with.

I was delighted to see this TEDx talk by a CBS news reporter, Sharly Attkisson that completely confirmed my experience.   Its called “Astroturf and manipulation media messages”.   You can share it with your friends who want to know more about why there is so much skepticism against alternative medicine.

  1. The premise of most of Western medicine is based on Newtonian physics. Energy medicine is based on Quantum physics, which at the core is the understanding that everything at the basic unit is energy.   One reason why Western experts have such a hard time believing in Quantum mechanics is because of the way they were taught.   If you’d like to get a better sense of the differences between Newtonian and Quantum physics, check out this well written article.
  1. Energy medicine is NOT a big money making business.  There is not the kind of money available for alternative medicine research or preventative medicine that is available for pharmaceutical drugs. That being said, there are at least 615 studies in Energy Medicine.

Here is a summary of what has been published in the field of Energy Psychology:

Learn more about current research at:   energypsychology.org/research

  1. Western medicine does very little to address the accumulativeSkeptics of energy medicine are often funded by the pharmaceutical companies life long consequences of stress. Yet accumulative stress is a huge contributor to risk of almost every medical issue, regardless of whether it is physical or mental.   One reason why energy medicine is so effective is that it addresses the underpinnings associated with accumulative stress.

Luckily, there is a growing recognition (at least on the West coast) that alternative medicine can improve outcomes for patients, and even save costs.   I think this recognition can continue to grow if Western medicine makes improving patient outcomes its top priority.

Image of “Pharmaceutical Business And Dollars Bank Note” courtesy of Areeya at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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  1. Chris
    Oct 2, 2017

    Well written, Dr E!

  2. Chris
    Oct 2, 2017

    Well written, Dr E!


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