From Unsanitary to Motivation to Clean!

From Unsanitary to Motivation to Clean!

I had a client that came to me for a variety of issues. After listing a number of things she wanted to work on, we asked her subconscious where to start. I got that we needed to work on something that she had not listed. I discovered that we needed to increase her motivation to clean, and then she let me know why that came up.

She had a pet that wasn’t toilet trained and she did not clean up after her.  She had not cleaned her place since her husband left her a year ago!   There was mold, feces and urine everywhere and she didn’t seem to care even if she stepped in it!  Her habits were disturbing and unsanitary enough that her family even tried to get her institutionalized!

How did she get the motivation to clean?

finding the motivation to cleanWe released subconscious barriers to her having higher cleaning standards, and for the next 2 days after, she sent me before and after pictures of all the cleaning she did!  Knowing the unsafe conditions she was living in, I was thrilled to see such a drastic change so quickly!

increasing your motivation to clean has a huge impact on your environmentKnow anyone that struggles with the motivation to clean?   Let them know that releasing subconscious barriers is an efficient and affordable solution to making lasting changes!    Learn more about the Body Code here, and contact me here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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