The Easiest Way to Fast Track Transformation

The Easiest Way to Fast Track Transformation

For most of my life, I hated myself.   I could write volumes of books about what was wrong with me.   The worse thing about this was that I felt hopeless to change so many of the things I hated about myself.  Transformation felt slow, arduous and even impossible!

Now when I discover something I want to change about myself, for many things, I know how to get shifts in only a few hours!

For example, a few months ago, I was experiencing a slump in my business, despite increased speaking engagements and more exposure.   I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized that my stress around the business slow down was effecting how I showed up with potential clients.   Once I realized this, I was able to quickly let go of that stress, and better and engage and connect with potential clients.

So what did I do?  

I used the wisdom of the subconscious to identify the underlying causes to the stress, and released them.

Why would that be so effective?  

Why the Working wth the subconscious is needed for effective transformation

95% of what goes on in our brain is subconscious. What is conscious varies moment to moment and between individuals.

At any point in time only 5% of what goes on in the brain is conscious.   That means that 95% is below our conscious awareness! For example, if you are in a conversation, you might be using your conscious mind to hear what your friend is saying, but you are also usually taking in information about her tone, her energy, her body language, and more, and that often happens at the subconscious level. So how you perceive your friend is based on the conscious and subconscious evaluation of much more than what she is saying.   Plus your subconscious is regulating your own expressions and your body language, helping you sit upright, helping you breathe, and much more.

Also stored in your subconscious are your beliefs and emotions that drive your interpretation of how you perceive an event.   For any 2 people, how they experience an event is going to be different.  It is all based on their history, which has determined their current belief system, their emotional state, and their receptiveness.  These factors drive their perception of the event.

Another feature of the subconscious is that it is always picking up information about you.   It is regularly picking up information about what is good and bad for us, and the information gets stored in our bodies. Thus by being able to tap into it, I can get at the underlying causes of what my clients are struggling with, whether it is related to health, wealth or happiness.

How to Fast Track TransformationEvidence that our subconscious runs the show can often be seen when people want to lose weight. While consciously they might want to lose weight, they often sabotage themselves.   Why?   It is often because they might subconsciously believe it is not safe.   Because the subconscious mind is so powerful, when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind compete, the subconscious tends to win.

One reason why change is so hard is because we have a limited supply of willpower.   Willpower is a part of the conscious mind, and we lose it with increased stress and exhaustion.

This is why the key to fast track transformation is to release subconscious barriers. When we identify and release the emotions, the beliefs, the sabotage, the addictive thought patterns and more that drive a negative behavior, the behavior goes away.   We can also release subconscious barriers that get in the way of adapting a new healthy habit, and when we do, our subconscious no longer gets in the way of our conscious intentions.   This is why, if you have conscious intention to change, releasing subconscious barriers is the best way to fast track change. The change can literally happen within hours, and you don’t need to waste precious willpower to effect that change! (Note:   Depending on the issue and person, there are more or less underlying causes.  These factors determine how quickly a person changes.)

When I released stress about my business, I noticed a change the same day. Suddenly, without the conscious intention to do so, I was having more fun with my clients and anyone I talked to about my business.   I noticed people laughed more and seemed more at ease with me, and I felt more appreciation both from and for the people I interacted with!

So if you know anyone that wants transformation, and wants to do it quickly, share this article with them.   There is more information about what I release here.   You can contact me at 1855 ENERJOY or sign up for a complimentary consultation here.


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