FAQs (Energy Supplements)

I’ve heard that taking glutathione doesn’t work and that you have to take it intravenously for it to get absorbed, so why should I try your product?

Products from Max International® were formulated with the knowledge that glutathione doesn’t get absorbed.  Dr. Keller knew the importance of glutathione in helping his AIDS patients.  He spent 3 yrs in the laboratory experimenting with different formulations using precursors that synthesize intracellular glutathione.   MaxGXL increases intracellular glutathione levels by 262% in healthy people in just 2 months!

Will taking a glutathione enhancer help me with my problem?

Most likely.   Low levels of glutathione are implicated in a huge range of diseases and symptoms.   Typically people report having more energy, better sleep, reduced muscle soreness/aches & pains, and better recovery from injury.  People who are on higher doses or have taken a glutathione enhancer for longer periods  of time often report that they never get sick any more,  or that their allergies have disappeared.  Because glutathione works on every part of the body, there is a huge variety of different benefits that can be derived from taking a glutathione enhancers from Max International®.  It may be instructive to do a Google search (or more targeted PubMed search for refereed journal articles in medical research) on glutathione and x (x being your disease or symptom).

I don’t live anywhere near you.  Can you still help me?

Supplements from Max International® currently can be shipped to 6 countries (US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Phillipines and Singapore), with South America and Asia expected to be added this year!  The business opportunity is available to anyone who can do business in any of the countries in which Max International is operating.