From Poverty to Abundance with the Body Code

From Poverty to Abundance with the Body Code

*Karen had a coaching business that was her principle means of income.   While she was able to pay her basic bills of food, utilities and rent, she had no money left for anything else. She was struggling to earn enough money to invest back into her business, and it had been 5 years since she had a vacation!

We released blocks to abundance. In addition to emotions, beliefs and sabotage stemming back from generations past,  we found a couple of key beliefs that were getting in her way.   While she was not consciously aware of these beliefs, her subconscious believed that her ability to keep money won’t last, and that she would not have the money she needed.

After releasing these beliefs, she started getting a lot more clients!   Her income tripled in just 1 month!   She made just a couple of slight tweaks in her business, but the results seemed out of proportion with the adjustments she made.

Free stuff

Abundance was flowing in other ways too.   One day, she was thinking how she wanted a corner desk to add to her current one.   Just 2 hours later, she was driving to meet a colleague for lunch and saw on the side of the road a corner desk that was labeled free!   She called a friend who lives in the neighborhood and has access to a van, and he picked it up and delivered it to her door by the time she got home!  The desk was perfect!

Another time, she was preparing to table at an event, and had to figure out how to get her table into her car.  She tried to move it herself, but it was heavy, and very hard to maneuver by herself.  Just as she was going to move the table outside of the house, the UPS man showed up, and worked with her to try to get it into her car!  The table did not fit, but he suggested she remove the top from the legs.  The solution was perfect!  The table now fit into the car in 2 pieces and was much easier to carry!

This sudden ability to manifest what she wanted was particularly surprising to her because she was so used to having to struggle to get what she wanted!

Think positive and things will happenHow did releasing subconscious barriers make such a difference in her ability to attract abundance?   The Law of Attraction says that we attract what we vibrate.   While I personally was skeptical about the Law of Attraction for years, I no longer can deny that it is true.   Whenever I release subconscious barriers in myself or with my clients, our reality changes.

While I believe that part of this is due to our change in focus towards what we want, I am convinced that there are forces beyond us that are at work as well. The drastic changes I hear about and have now repeatedly experienced, feel too good to be true. The Law of Attraction is the best way to understand how these drastic changes happen by releasing subconscious barriers.

Do you know anyone struggling financially?   One of the best ways to invest in your financial future is to release subconscious barriers.  Learn more about the Body Code here, and contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.


* Name changed to protect the identity of the client.

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