5 Common Barriers to Productivity

5 Common Barriers to Productivity

Are you are feeling tired, unmotivated or distracted?

Are you struggling to get things done?


What are your Barriers to Productivity?

Lack of productivity could be a signal of underlying depression, an undiagnosed illness, a nutrient deficiency, insufficient quality sleep, lack of exercise or a bad diet. It could also due to negative belief systems or trapped emotions, feelings of sabotage or other energetic imbalances.   For some, specific jobs or relationships might have been key to our loss of drive.   Lack of productivity could also be a result of negative experiences of our ancestors.   Their reactions, belief systems, emotions, sabotage and more could have been passed down to us epigenetically, leaving us with less power to overcome obstacles put in our path.

Here are some common belief systems and emotional patterns that can get in our way:

1.)  Feeling under appreciated

If you are doing a project for work and you’ve not gotten the recognition the hard work deserves, you might feel taken for granted. Other experiences that can take away your drive are when projects are cancelled as companies reprioritize.

If you find that this is true for you, try to communicate with your project manager what you need to succeed. Most will appreciate your candor.

And if you are working for yourself, remember that your chances of success increase with the more you put out.   The key to success is persistence!

2.)  Necessary evil problem


We all have to do bureaucratic things like pay our taxes. Our attitude towards them has a profound effect on our ability to get them done efficiently and effectively. If you can’t afford to hire someone else to do them, then releasing anger, frustration, bitterness or any negative belief systems you around the activity will make it far more palatable.

Meanwhile, here are 10 steps to take action and eliminate bureaucracy.


3.)  Fear of failure

Failure is an opportuinityWhenever we pour our heart into something, there is always a good chance that it may not be perfect. Sometimes it can make you even feel like a failure. But a simple shift in attitude can change how we view failure. Henry Ford says, “ Failure is an opportunity to begin more intelligently. If we can realize that failing is just a part of a necessary path to success, then it becomes less scary.


4.)  Fear of success

While it may seem odd, fear of success is just as real as fear of failure. In fact, I believe the fear of success is can be an internal glass ceiling that many women impose upon themselves!   Success can mean more recognition, more criticism, higher expectations and more responsibility, and many people with more sensitive nervous systems don’t care to be that exposed.

Many people have a fear of getting well.  Learn how my client overcame that fear.


5.)  Not enough passion and drive

What drives us often is our why.  My why with this blog is clear. It’s to help my audiences expand our minds of what is possible to achieve, and to teach them about underlying causes to empower them to live healthier lives. And because I believe that my unique perspective can enhance the lives of my readers, I have committed to writing a monthly blog article to share with my readers, and its something I feel driven to complete!

But I find a lot of people are unsure about their why.

First of all, in order to get a specific task done, you need to be clear on your why for the task.  If you aren’t clear, it might mean that it’s not worth doing. Alternatively, if your primary reason is for the money, you might want to connect with who you are benefiting, so that you can be clear on how your performance effects them. Helping young people connect with their why can give them more drive to succeed in school.

If you are having trouble with finding passion for things you used to love, you might have a heart wall that is getting in the way. You can read more about the heart wall here, and listen to my interview on Chat with Women on KIXI here.

I regularly help clients release any mental or physical blocks to productivity.  Releasing subconscious barriers is the best way I know to quickly and efficiently get your mojo back, so that you too can be that productivity maven! If that interests you, listen to my interview Releasing Subconscious Barriers, the Key to Health and Happiness and contact me at 1855 ENERJOY for a free 1 hr consultation.

Have you overcome productivity blocks?  What did you do to overcome them?  Please enter your comments below!

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